Healing isn’t linear or constant, but it is sustainable if we stay consistent.

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Healing isn’t linear or constant, but it is sustainable if we stay consistent.

The process of making or becoming sound or healthy again

Extending along a straight or nearly straight line

Occurring continuously over a period of time

Able to be maintained at a certain rate or level

Acting or done in the same way over time

The act of creating a state of great health for oneself doesn’t occur on some magical straight line at a specific rate. Nor does it stick to some constant or rigid schedule we may have for ourselves to
get better”.

It’s not like training for a couch to 5k where you train hard for a while, race, celebrate amongst friends, and move onto the next thing. It’s a slow burn, things go wrong, we make mistakes, it’s very lonely at times, unexpected setbacks are common and failure is inevitable.

That’s also the beauty of it, everything is an opportunity to learn if we let it. Taking nuggets here and there of what’s gone right in these setbacks and using perceived failures as data. If we stay consistent in our intent, learn everything we can from our failures, and get really honest with ourselves about our current abilities, we inevitably learn to see our personal cycle of better health become sustainable.

Then it’s not only possible to create a state of great general health for oneself, but it’s highly probable.

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