How long does it take to enter a growth mindset?

by | Jul 16, 2020 | Thrive Theory | 0 comments

“This 17-second rule will make you more productive (and happy).” 

This was the title of an article in Inc. magazine from 2017. Of course, I asked the question “Can it really take that little time to shift my mood and mind?” Like a lot of things in the pursuit of happiness, it’s been yes and no.  

I have been playing with this for the last few months in my online programs and in myself. Turns out it’s pretty effective and the latest research and advancements in neuroscience are showing we have the power to rewire our brains ourselves. If you want to know more about how to rewire your brain, the book by Norman Doidge MD titled “The brain that changes itself” is a good place to start. 

In a nutshell, the “rule” is to stop what you’re doing a few times a day and visualize on your goals with positive emotions for 17 seconds at a time. The theory is that by holding positive thoughts toward your goals, passions, and future, for 17 seconds at a time, you can start to shift from a negative state of mind to one more rooted in growth and positivity.

Are 17 seconds enough to elicit great change? No.. not even close, but the more often its done, the better you’ll get at it and over time, YES!! it works! Studies show that you can, in fact, begin to rewire your own brain with your own intrinsic motivation techniques. 

This is pretty rad news and a shining hope for me. A guy with a brain injury who pre 2016 couldn’t remember a time when I wasn’t in pain. Therefore nothing to base thoughts of wellness, growth, and joy on.

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