What is a certified online trainer?

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By becoming certified in online coaching, it means that I’ve learned the systems required in both business and coaching structures to provide an exceptional service online. These systems have been specifically designed to make coaching people online simple and effective. 

When I was a trainer in the gym I would see clients 2-3 times a week for an hour at a time, we’d have a chat about food, have a look at their journal and get a good workout in. That works great in a gym setting, but online coaching has changed that. Now we can track food, exercise, habits, & deliver much-needed information instantly. Using your own custom dashboard and app, we can change things that aren’t working and lean into the things that are. Instantly delivering videos, documents, and other information critical to your success right to your phone.

We’re able to create relationships with our clients that are supportive, positive, and goal-oriented, assisting our clients in recognizing challenges that are preventing success and strengths that can be built upon to achieve that success.

It’s brainstorming, working closely with your coach (because I’m in your pocket), and developing ideas and ways of behaving, together. This happens on your time rather than a set appointment at a certain place for a certain amount of time. This way you learn how to get the results you want in real life, on your terms, for less money, and maintain them forever.  

You still get all the technical explanations, demonstrations of exercises, and tasks customized to your goals, but you will then be able to review anything you have learned in the past, instantly from your phone, through your own custom dashboard. 

Anyone can host a zoom session, send some emails, and call themselves an online coach. Putting the time into a quality certification to deliver an exceptional product and service online takes proper education and experience. That’s why I was certified in online coaching in 2017.

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